My first 30 days

On 29th February, 11:34 AM, I received an email, with the subject line “You have been selected for the Master’s programme at Commits”. I was at one of the most crowded areas of Kolkata when the mail was delivered. Although I had been waiting for the response, the sudden happiness I felt while reading it cannot be explained in words. I called my mother first, we both shed tears of joy and then began with the series of phone calls. I didn’t move for a long time, stayed there, dialled everyone I knew, promised my friends a party and then with a permanent smile I continued the walk.

I came to know about COMMITS through a friend’s sister. After which I searched about it online, connected with a few alumni and students, and asked them everything I wanted to. The one thing which stood out for me was the clarity in conversation with everyone associated with the college. I got an opportunity to meet Ranjini Ma’am in Kolkata and talk to her. She patiently told us everything we wanted to know and more.

Today, when I am writing this blog about my first 30 days, it takes me back to my very first day. Due to the pandemic, the first day ‘of college’ wasn’t ‘in college’, but Commits knows how to take up every problem and turn it into an opportunity. From Day 1, we were exposed to the industry with professionals (most of who were our alumni) coming in for orientation sessions, and talking about different parts of the industry. Each orientation session has been no less than a course on it’s own. We get the opportunity to talk to people who have excelled in their field, and listen to them while they share their experiences.

Orientation session with Samarpita Samaddar, PR Director at Bumble India
(Class of 2010)
Orientation session with Victor Mukherjee, Writer, Lyricist, Director and CEO of Mango People Media (Class of 2007)
Orientation session with Koyel Mitra, Editorial Manager at AETN18 (Class of 2011)

Initially, I was reluctant about the concept of online education, simply because a course like Media needs practical exposure. But since I have started doing classes online, all my questions have disappeared. Our classes are a perfect amalgamation of knowledge and discussions.It is more practical than theory. Our teachers here say ‘No question is a stupid question’, we are allowed to ask freely and without any judgement or remark all our questions are answered.

Marketing Class with Sai Sir
Journalism Class with Ayesha Ma’am
Writing and Editing class with Padmini Ma’am

We have been fortunate enough to have great seniors, who took the initiative to organise an ice breaking session for us. They planned the entire session, and designed posters with interesting themes. It was really fun and interactive. Again, we were given full freedom to say and ask anything we wanted to. Our seniors are very approachable, one of them helped me with my previous college’s issue too.

One of the posters designed by our seniors for the ice-breaking session

Teachers here at COMMITS, are experienced professionals who take out the time from their busy schedule and help us in every possible way. Our academic structure is designed keeping in mind every little detail. Despite being an AVC (Audio-visual Communication) student, I am allowed to learn anything I want to from MMC (Marketing and Management Communication), and vice-versa. Learning has no boundaries here.

My life as a COMMITScion is exactly how I expected it to be and more.COMMITS treats and trains us like professionals, which is why I always wanted to be a part of it. And now, here I am! Learning each day, and moving a step closer to achieve my dream.